Laser Systems

Applewood Data services Ltd supplies and installs point to point laser systems from speeds of 100Mbps to 1,25Gbps. If you need connectivity between two buildings that have line of sight up to 5KM away, we can connect you.
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We are fully accredited by Europe’s leading FSO manufacture GEO DESY. Geo DESY were formally known as LaserBIT and LaserBYTE Europe. The benefits for using FSO are massive and are as follows:

Licence Free operation

No need to obtain frequency licences for the operations of laser based wire free cabling solutions.

Cost effective

Installation is a one off investment with no reoccuring lease line costs. Applewood Data FSO systems have outstanding low cost per bit ratios.

High bandwidth, High Network Speed

Optical Free data transmission matches the bandwidth and speed of fixed optical fibre cable.

No Interference

Use of infra red light for communication means no interference issues.


FSO is one of the safest methods of data transmission. Direct interseption is almost inpossible with the concentrated beam and pysical placement of the equipment. No instruments such as spectrum analysers can detect the data communication.


Applewood Data FSO heads are SNMP enabled so you can access the heads from your desk to monitor and check your network satistics. We also have an excellent range of maintenance packages to suit you.